Thursday, July 6, 2017

So... How Do I Start A Men's Accountability Group?

I get a lot of questions about how to start a Men's Accountability Group.  Here are a couple of great books and a basic set of accountability questions you can use.

How To Start A Men's Accountability Group: 

1) Talk to a friend/brother in Christ about the idea.
2) Set a time and a recurring date (early mornings once a month works best for me).
3) Pick a place (I'm a coffee-shop / local cafe / restaurant kind of guy). 
4) Show up and have breakfast, drink strong coffee, go through the questions, discuss a book designed to help you be a better man, and invest one hour a month in an accountability relationship/friendship that can greatly empower you and help your walk with Jesus.
(Don't just think about it, pray about it and talk about it... Do it!)

"As Iron Sharpens Iron, so one man sharpens another." - Proverbs 27:17

Accountability Questions For Men

1. Have you spent daily time in Scripture and prayer?
2. Have you had any flirtatious or lustful attitudes, tempting thoughts?
3. Have you exposed yourself to any explicit materials which would not glorify God? (Sexuality, Profanity, Violence, etc.)
4. Have you been honest in all of your financial dealings?
5. Have you spent quality time with friends (brothers in Christ)?
6. Have you spent focused, phone-less, alone time with your wife?
7. Have you done your best in your job/ministry?
8. Have you told any half truths or outright lies, putting yourself in a better light to those around you?
9. Have you shared the Gospel, or personally prayed for or with an unbeliever this week?
10. Have you taken care of your body through daily physical exercise and proper/adequate eating/sleeping habits?
11. Have you allowed any person or circumstance to rob you if your joy?
12. Have you lied on any of your answers today?

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Ministry Outdoor Adventures is raffling off A Custom Handmade Knife this Summer.  

The knife was designed and made by local artisan, BJ Parsons. It is in a "Kuhkri" style with a mirror finish, a razor sharp edge, and a walnut, full-tang handle.  It also comes with a Custom hand tooled, leather sheath, and stamped with an American Flag.  This is truly a one-of-a-kind Knife, and definitely a treasure!


The drawing will take place on Facebook Live at 12 Noon on Tuesday, August 1st at the MOA Wichita Office.

Ticket Price: $10 each


Tickets can be purchased online or by phone up to the day of the drawing (8/1/17) if purchased by 11am.  Tickets can also be purchased by Mail as long as all ticket requests are received in the mail by Monday, July 31st.  Please note, watching the drawing on FB Live is not necessary to win, and our winner will be immediately notified after the drawing itself.  (Please make sure and include your NAME, PHONE and ADDRESS when you purchase your tickets, whether by phone, US Mail, or through PayPal online.)

Checks for tickets can be made payable to MOA (Ministry Outdoor Adventures Foundation) and mailed to 5730 Flagstaff St. in Bel Aire, KS 67220.  You can also pay for tickets via PayPal by following this link:

Feel Free to call/text Jeff at 316-650-2901 or Rob at 316-200-0156 if you have any questions.


(The Purpose of Ministry Outdoor Adventures is to intentionally come alongside men of God serving as pastors and/or ministry staff members in order to help them stay ‘Zeroed’ on Jesus, by giving them opportunities to reconnect with God, and with other pastors and ministry staff, in the great outdoors, and away from the demands of their ministry setting and context.  It is our Mission to facilitate the reclaiming of sacred time and space in the wild and open spaces of this world, where God has always desired to reach into the hearts of those He has called, in order to empower them to fully live out the purpose, passion and plan He has for them.

All Proceeds raised through this Raffle will go to the funding of additional MOA activities, events and retreats.)

Monday, April 24, 2017

Shotgun Evangelism?!?

Shotgun Evangelism?!?

"So, how do you get men into church?"  That really is quite the question, isn't it?  And, its also one I've heard about a "bazillion" times.  But, I believe that it is a question that in reality, widely and tragically, misses the mark.  For some reason in the American version of Christianity, getting someone into church, or even going to church in general has, for all intents and purposes, become the target, the primary objective, or the end-all goal.  And yet, I dare you to show me that in Scripture.

According to the Gospels, how many times did Jesus, or any of His disciples for that matter, go around trying to get a representative of some "target demographic" into the local synagogue?  Or, according to the Book of Acts, how many times did the Apostles make their singular focus that of trying to pester someone into some local Church down the street for a weekly worship service?  Go ahead and look, check your concordance, read every version you can find, study and parse the Greek, the reality is, whatever you do and wherever you look, you just won't find that approach.  Why?!?  Because Jesus' focus, and the focus He instilled in His followers, wasn't on getting people into an existing institution, or even any particular building, gathering place, or assembly of people.  Jesus approach, interestingly enough, was much bolder than that, it was much more manly, much more in your face, and definitely much more aggressive.  

Jesus focus, and the reason He came in the first place, according to Luke 19:10 was "...To seek and to save that which was lost."  And, in order to do that, the Scripture tells us that Jesus consistently and intentionally went to where the people he was trying to reach... were.  He then invaded their space and invited them into a relationship with himself.  And, specifically speaking, as a means of reaching men, Jesus went to where men were in their workaday worlds and everyday lives, invaded their space and their places of isolation, and then called them out and into a fellowship with himself and with a motley band of brothers that was thick with that which the heart of man needs and longs for most.  

Believe me, I'm no genius, but what I've found is this... if you can find how Jesus reached men in the Bible, and if you can see that it worked for Jesus and that it was what Jesus actually did, you can be certain that it can and will work for you.  Peter did the same thing, and so did Paul, and so did all the rest of Jesus' followers.  Why?  Because "the Jesus way" actually works, and Jesus' followers were intent on doing what they had seen Jesus do.  Why?  Because, everything Jesus did, He did for a reason.  And, who better to teach us how to reach men, than the One who first reached out His hand and formed man from the dust of the earth?  In fact, it is my personal belief that it is in part because of how we were originally made as men, that the "outside" is literally inside the heart of all men, innately.  Thus, if that is true, the reality is that if you want to get men into church, you've got to 1) Go to where men are, 2) You've got to call them out and into the place and/or the man they truly most want to be, and 3) You have to speak the language of the brotherhood that the hearts of men long for.

The first organized ClayShoot I ever attended was hosted and organized by a next door neighbor who had become a close friend of mine named Donnie Hoover.  I had first met Donnie when I had gone over to his lawn-mower shop business (which was right across the street from the parsonage) shortly after we had moved in.  I had gone over intending to just quickly introduce myself to him as his new neighbor but ended up having a pretty lengthy conversation with him.  I really began to get to know Donnie though one day after he just showed up to help me and some church guys with the roofing of the parsonage garage.  Looking back, I'm pretty sure that since he had been in the roofing business formerly, he was there to make sure we did it right.  And, from that point our friendship grew, our families got close, he and his family gave their hearts to Jesus, our families did a home group together and he really began to want to be more and more involved in the life of our church.  One day, he even came to me with an idea and asked if he could put together a church ClayShoot.  Though I loved the idea, I had never done one, and wasn't really sure how or if it would work.  Donnie said, "Just trust me, it'll be great!"  So, I did, and it was better than great, it was awesome.  I was stunned by the overall attendance, the number of non church affiliated men, and the overall outcome.  Every man there, literally not only had a blast, but they also felt the brotherhood of godly men, and the fellowship of faith in a non-church, outdoor setting.  Since then, I do ClayShoots twice a year and I am always amazed at how God uses them to speak into the lives of men.

"So, how do you get men into church?"   You don't.  You take the church to where the men are and to where they want to be, and you speak the gospel to them in the language of men.  And, what you'll find if you do this, is that through real friendship, real brotherhood, and real relationship, and real opportunities to be with other men in a godly setting where other men have chosen to be, the Holy Spirit speaks through you and into their lives, and the real Jesus that you live for, that you love, and that you exemplify will become the Jesus they also want in their lives as well.  Then, at some point in time, you look that man that has become your brother in the eye and say, "Would you like to pray a prayer with me to invite Jesus into your life?"

Thursday, March 9, 2017

MOA 2nd Annual Spring ClayShoot

Hey All!  It's almost time for the Ministry Outdoor Adventures 2nd Annual Spring ClayShoot!

Here's the scoop!

Saturday, April 22nd, 2017  

Registration & Sign-in begins at 12:30 with a "Shotgun Start" 1:30pm

The event will be at:

Lynbrooke Sporting Clays   

1419 SW 120th Street, 

Augusta, KS  67010 

(316) 775-1715 


This is an open event and you do not need to be an experienced shooter to participate. 

Teams will consist of 4 shooters, and participants are free to bring a team of four, or to also feel free to show up as a solo shooter, a duo, or even a trio and then become a team of 4 as more participants sign in. (Youth under 18 years of age must be accompanied / supervised by an adult.) 

The cost of the event is only $50 per shooter which covers ALL your shells (for 20 & 12 gauges), clay-targets, and course fees. 


There will be best shooters and best team prizes, along with door prizes, a gun raffle ($10 per ticket) for a new "American Tactical" AR15 in .223/5.56 (ALL FFL RULES APPLY), and a “Long-Bird” shoot-off for a free Hog Hunt to Chain Ranch. 

Feel free to call or text Jeff (316) 650-2901, or Rob with questions (316)200-0156.

To register via e-mail use To pay for registration ($50 per person), or to purchase raffle tickets ($10 each), via PayPal go to:


Friday, December 2, 2016

Holiday Gun Raffle

Hey Sportsmen!

The Ministry Outdoor Adventures (MOA) Foundation is having their 2nd Annual Holiday Gun Raffle.

This raffle is for a VERY nice, Smith & Wesson (637-2 SS), Airweight, 38 Special. New in box. Never fired.  Includes two speed strips and pocket holster.


Winner will be subject to all applicable background checks, and will pick up the firearm at "ArmTime LLC" who will be handling the transfer of ownership for MOA.

Ticket Price: $10 each

NO limit on ticket count per person---buy as many as you like!  You at least have a 1 in 150 chance of winning!  Just in time for a Merry Christmas to You!  Drawing will take place on Wednesday December 21st, 2016, and will be recorded on Facebook Live.

Please call Jeff Ochs at 316-650-2901 for tickets, or if you have any questions.  Checks can be made payable to MOA (Ministry Outdoor Adventures Foundation) and mailed to 5730 Flagstaff St. in Bel Aire, KS 67220.  You can also pay for tickets via PayPal by following this link:


We DO have a minimum reserve on this gun. If enough tickets are not sold, we will refund your money in full and offer this at a later date.

Attached are some pictures of the firearm we are raffling


(MOA) Ministry Outdoor Adventures, Inc. is a Not For Profit Corporation
Registered in the State of Kansas and a Non-Profit 501c3 orgaization.

The Purpose of Ministry Outdoor Adventures is to intentionally come alongside men of God serving as pastors or ministry staff members in order to help them stay ‘Zeroed’ on Jesus, by giving them opportunities to reconnect with God, and with 
other pastors and ministry staff, in the great outdoors, and away from the demands of their ministry setting and context.  It is our Mission to facilitate the reclaiming of sacred time and space in the wild and open spaces of this world, where God has always desired to reach into the hearts of those He has called, in order to empower them to fully live out the purpose, passion and plan He has for them.

Our goal in fundraising for MOA is to completely empower and fund this ministry in order to be able to provide these opportunities for men of God serving as pastors or ministry staff with no or as little cost to themselves as possible.  Ideally, all they would have to do to be a part of one of our events is to clear their calendar for the event we will offer/host and then show up, and experience whatever event or outing has been scheduled.  These events will provide opportunities for pastors and ministry staff to shoot, hunt, fish, kayak, canoe, hike, camp, etc.  Ideally we will schedule four major events per year, as well as offer smaller or more individualized ministry outdoor adventures as opportunities arise or present themselves. 

As a not for profit ministry, we are fully reliant upon the donations of organizations, businesses and individuals in order to both fund, and fulfill our purpose, mission and vision.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration!


Jeff Ochs & Rob Schmutz
The Ministry Outdoor Adventures Staff


ALL Proceeds raised in this raffle will be to support The Ministry Outdoor Adventures Foundation.  See link below for more info on MOA:

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ministry Outdoor Adventures (MOA) Foundation, 2nd Annual FALL CLAY-SHOOT

Ministry Outdoor Adventures (MOA) Foundation, 2nd Annual FALL CLAY-SHOOT

Hey All!

Our 2nd Annual MOA Foundation Fall Clay Shoot, is on Saturday, October 15th (10/15) at Lynbrooke Sporting Clays (1419 SW 120th, Augusta, KS).  Registration will begin at 12:30 with a "Shotgun Start" at 1:30pm. 

The cost for the shoot is only $50 per shooter and includes targets and shells.  All you will need to bring is a shotgun and eye and ear protection.  

We will also be offering door prize drawings, and both a long-bird shoot-off for a custom made hunting knife, and a "crazy-teal" shoot off for an Oklahoma Hog-Hunt to the Chain Ranch in Canton, Oklahoma.  

Raffle tickets will also be available both before and during the shoot for a really nice Anderson AR- in 5.56 NATO that we will have a drawing for at the end of the event. 

You do not need to be an experienced shooter to take part in this event, but we are asking that all youth or children younger than 18 be accompanied by an adult parent or guardian.

For more info on MOA, you can follow us on Twitter:


Or check out our blog at:

If you would like to register yourself, or your "team" (of four) for the event you can email us at:

You can also pay in advance with a credit or debit card by clicking on our PayPal link below:

Again, this event is open to participants of all ages and experience levels.  Please also feel free to sign up as an individual, we are glad to hook you up with a team at the event.

Don't miss it...  This is going to be a blast!

Rob Schmutz & Jeff Ochs
The MOA Team
Hebrews 12:2

Thursday, March 3, 2016

One Prayer, One Shot, One Hog, One Bullet...?!?

It's hard really, to fully describe what all happens on a Ministry Outdoor Adventures outing...   

And, quite honestly, some of it is just plain unrepeatable. :-)

But, basically, it kinda goes like this... 

On an MOA outing, Men of God serving as pastors or ministry staff members, simply make the time to step away from the incessant demands of their every day ministry positions, and instead, intentionally unplug and put all of that behind them for a few days.  What they find when they do, is that they have been given the opportunity to connect with other men of God who are making the same decision they are (in being there), and who are also doing some of the same things in ministry that they are doing.  

Then, suddenly, somewhere in the silence of these fleeting moments away, they find themselves reconnecting with God as they "re-tune" their hearts to the hearing of that still small, and yet lovingly persistent, voice of God.  And, quite honestly, this is the most significant of things.  It is in the midst of taking this time away, and focusing on the pursuit of some outdoor objective, (hunting, fishing, hiking...) in an unexpected, Kairos (καιρός) moment of time, God just... shows up.  And, when He does, He speaks to the hearts of these men He has called, who have taken this time to turn aside in the wilderness.

Here's a perfect example... 

This past week we went to The Chain Ranch, near Canton, Oklahoma, for our First Annual MOA Hog Hunt. (By the way, I would recommend them highly!)  We took a total of 6 pastors (even though there were two last minute cancelations) and 4 out of the 6 all harvested hogs.  Those are pretty awesome odds for a two day hunt!

The last of the four pastors to score a hog was a young pastor, though extremely gifted and talented, he was relatively new to the calling and to the vocation of pastoral ministry, and in the 60 days prior to this event, he had gone through some of the most difficult experiences a pastor can face.  But, in the midst of those experiences in ministry, God showed up, delivered Him, and then set his feet in what the Psalmist would describe as a "wide place" (Psalm 18:19) and a new opportunity to truly live out the calling God had sown into his heart from the beginning.

In this new "wide place" where he currently found himself, he had been faced with an overwhelming abundance of decisions, alternatives, and choices to make.  And, it was one of these decisions that he had also brought with him on the hog hunt.  In carrying it with him, he was burdened and in search of an answer and a clear understanding of God's will regarding this particular issue.

As he sat alone in his hunting blind, on the last night of our hunt, he prayed fervently and felt led to set a "fleece" before the Lord.  It was one of those "if-then" kinds of fleeces.  Basically it was this, "God, I don't know what to do, I can't see what your perfect Will is.  Can you help me?  Can you make it clear?  If you want me to do this, as silly as this request may sound, please let me shoot the largest hog on this trip."  

It was just about that time that he heard a shot ring out, then a few moments later, another shot.  Two of his Pastoral co-Hunter's, in different locations, but not all that far from where he was, had just shot and missed the same hog, a hog that was now, unbeknownst to him, headed his way.  As darkness drew near, that very hog appeared about 100 yards in front of his blind.  He raised his rifle, took a quick (but well placed) shot, and dropped a 250lb Sow.

As he went to reload for a follow up shot (just in case), he realized he had only brought the one bullet...  Then he understood, in that one bullet, in a very real and personal way, God had answered his prayer, not after it was prayed, but before.  God is so crazy!

At an MOA event, you just never know what exactly is going to happen, or when or how, but it is always just so stunning to walk away not only knowing that you have been in the presence of God, but that, in a way that is specific to you, you have also heard His voice.

Keep your eyes focused on Jesus!

- The MOA Team
     Exodus 3:4

MOA:  "Keeping Men of God 'Zeroed' on Jesus..."